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Have you ever tried DIY hair removal? In the past I have tried some of the boxes or kits from the store and they gave me the impression that the results weren’t that great and that the price was similar. Until I found the magic solution.

My Experience

I personally don’t care that much about my facial hair. Doesn’t really bother me…well, I take it back, I usually don’t look in the mirror enough for it to bother me. Once in awhile I’ll take a more examined approach and stare deeply into the mirror and wonder whoa, does everybody look at my face that closely? And then I’ll feel sorry for my dark hairs and light skin. But really, it is my husband who cares (for some reason he doesn’t want little soft hairs tickling his stubble when we kiss…okay who am I kidding we just had a kid, we usually just kiss the baby and he likes the tickles).

Anyway, I hate plucking and I’ve tried those wax kits at home and thought I was going to die. It is all horrible. I thought that the only solution that existed was going to the shady back room of some nail salon and have them wax the entire square inch footage of my face and then having a red splotchy face the rest of the day….but I was wrong! When I put all of the puzzle pieces together for this DIY hair removal at home I was enthralled.

After going to a spa at a spa school as a gift from my husband (click here for 20 great gifts for new moms) I was introduced to hard wax. Then I saw a deal on Amazon for a wax warmer and tried out some hard wax beans. The results are amazing.

Easy Facial Waxing for a fraction of the cost

What To Do

Buy these two things. I bought them on amazon and have been quite pleased:

Portable Electric Hair Removal Hot Waxing Kit,mini Pro Waxing Kit,student Starter Kit,warmer Salon Spa Beauty Equipment for Hard Strip Waxing ,For Girls ,Women and Men

and this:

Plazuria Hair Removal Hard Wax Beans, Stripless Full-Body Depilatory Wax Beads(10oz) (Chamomile)

I poured some of the wax beans into the melter thingy, put it on high to melt the beans, then on medium, got an old popsicle stick (you know you save them but you never know exactly for what reason, just that mom’s do it) and put some on the areas of my face that needed to have the hair removed.

I waited like half a minute for it to cool then pulled it off. It was awesome! It hurt very little, got almost all the hair, and my skin didn’t go completely bonkers. I have sensitive skin and I was worried that I was going to look like I do when I go out to get it done, but I didn’t! Best night ever. And the best thing was that I could do this in a matter of minutes. Done and Done.

Best things:

  • For the price of getting one facial waxing I know can get several.
    • I only used a small amount of the wax in the bag. I’m sure this will last me a very long time. (I have been waxing frequently and haven’t even made a dent in the wax.)
  • Getting myself an appointment or to a salon rarely happens. This can be done at a drop of a hat.
    • I did this in less than 15 minutes and I ordered everything on amazon so it was delivered right to my door.
  • I don’t worry that someone will give me stick eyebrows thinking it was what I wanted.
    • As an inexperienced person I haven’t had any problems of my own. But I also don’t shape them very much.
  • My skin actually felt better than when I went to salons.
  • I can do it immediately when I have something coming up. In other words, it actually happens.
    • It says not to shower or bathe right after using it. I rinsed my face and it was fine.
  • You don’t need to buy additional strips to use with it, you just pull the wax off.

DIY Hard Wax

Things not the best:

    • If you are like me, you miss out on the good feeling when someone else it touching your face.
    • Sometimes it is scary to pull the wax off. But it’s not bad.

Bottom line:

I wished I would have found out about this in my teens. It would have saved me a whole bunch of money, pain and hassle. Definitely worth it!


…now maybe if I get up the courage to try other areas…






I have used this several times now, rewarming the wax. It still works super good and I’m really amazed at how little time it takes. I have waxed several times (whenever I notice it) and I haven’t made a dent in the wax.

My next goal is to get my husband to self wax his eyebrows and make a video out of it so you can see how simple it really is.

What have your experiences with home waxing been? Do you think it was worth the money spent?

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