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I love the forest. I grew up in the forest and think that it is simply magical. For this free download coloring page the main subject is a depiction of Anjana. I am reading through this book on symbols (A Dictionary of Symbols) and was intrigued by the concept of her. According to the book:


“These witches take on the form of old women to test out the charity of human beings. In their true form they are beautiful young women, fair haired and blue eyes, clothed in tunics made of flowers and silver stars. They carry a gold staff and wear green stockings. They watch over animals and have underground palaces full of jewels and other treasures. The tough of their staff turns everything into riches….The treasures and riches signify the spiritual powers harboured by the unconscious.” pg 13-14

Before reading this book I had never heard about Anjana before but once I was thinking about it, I guess there is one in The Beauty And The Beast. It is a cool idea.

Hope you enjoy this free download. This download is for personal use only, for all other uses please contact me.

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