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I stumbled across the awesome concept of Inktober on instagram and I wanted to take part. You draw 31 drawings in October, one for each day with an official list of prompts to draw. I currently am in the process of remodeling my kitchen, working on the fourth draft of my PhD dissertation proposal, and trying to entertain and keep alive a very rowdy almost-one-year-old so finding the time to draw each day is a little hard…not to mention drawing one drawing each day. But I liked the prompts and immediately pictures came to my mind as I saw each word so I decided to turn it into a free adult coloring page (scroll to the bottom for the download button). Yay for you!


I started on the 7th of October. The 2017 Inktober prompt being “shy”. As you can see, I’ve posted this on the 27th. I finished it a few days ago though (somewhat to my credit) but am only now digitizing it and uploading it.

To me this is what my shy looks like. It isn’t that I haven’t got anything going on in my brain but the opposite, I have quite a lot in my brain and I’m quite busy having multiple scenarios play out with debates and active “conversation” while on the outside I might appear to be meek or shy or a blank slate.

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Shy Is An External Characteristic

This is what I think of when in teaching classes (for church) they talk about forcing the “students” or people in the class to actively participate. The thing with that is that the only way a teacher (for Sunday School) can measure participation is through people’s external output and they want to measure it, so they force people to comment to interact with them. They assume that they have success if people are talking. But for me, almost always my moments of greatest growth and understanding and processing happens when I am quiet…and no body has the key to my inner soul…only I witness it. Only I can witness it. Well, myself and God.

I think that this the thing that is so intriguing about us humans. We can appear to be one thing on the surface but no one has the ability to peer into the innards and capture what our brains can create…well, no one yet…although supposedly science is working on it…. you can lie about what you are thinking or refuse to comment but even if you truly want to share what you see in your brain, sometimes it is beyond words to describe or our ability to re-construct outside of the wonder that is our squishy brains.

Anyway enough of me and my brain spilling out onto the interwebs…

Hope you enjoy this free download. This download is for personal use only, for all other uses please contact me.

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