Free Download | Spiritual Eclipse Coloring Page

This free download is a coloring page/activity page to go along with the talk by Elder Gary E. Stevenson entitled “Spiritual Eclipse” given at the October 2017 LDS General Conference. I really enjoyed this talk. When I heard it, it reminded me how often I am guilty of my own spiritual eclipse. When I let things (even good things) become too close and they block out what is of greater importance it causes problems.

The free download would go great as a way to focus on the points of the talk and remind us of what we can do to avoid a spiritual eclipse. Use it in Sunday School or as a FHE lesson or a quiet Sunday activity.

You can have class members or family members color and draw on this page as they listen to this talk as well as use it as a tool to promote ponderizing.


  • Listen to the talk while coloring the page
  • Have them draw or write things that are the minor and troublesome obstructions in our own lives that could block out Christ’s light.
  • Draw a pair of glasses in between the sun and moon and the earth and have them identify the things in the talk that would allow us to put on gospel glasses.

I know that I am able to focus better and retain more of what I am listening to when I am using my motor skills at the same time. It is my hope that this will also assist others who are similar.

If you do use it, let me know how it goes. Any comments or suggestions? I’m always looking for way to improve.

I hope you enjoy this free download.



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