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Crooked. That was one of the words from last year’s Inktober challenge. It took me a while to get this to you but this is what I came up with.

I thought of the shepherd’s crook and how when I normally hear the word crook I think of bad politicians…or okay no adjective needed….politicians.

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The Thought Process

Historically the crook along with the flail were closely associated with royalty. Many times I see the shepherd’s crook as a symbol of love, service, example, and encouragement, helping snag a lost creature from a precarious situation. This is the tool of a leader. But what about when that leader is leading you off the path? When they are bent or crooked or a crook? How do you know who to trust and who to follow like a sheep?

I feel like recently in my life I’ve been pondering more about the precarious balance between my own wisdom and my own pride. I think that I work hard to constantly learn more and figure out how to live my life the best way. Then I run into problems with other people who want me to follow them and I think they are wrong.

I guess if you believe in an all knowing God you might (I do) believe that he can somehow guide you either through other people or through personal revelation. So I guess it is making sure that you read the scriptures and pray often so that you aren’t deceived. There are so many people who call after you telling you to follow them when they might or might not have the right answers. Maybe they are leading you out of the goodness of their hearts and just are wrong or maybe they have something to gain to lead you astray. Anyway. Those were my thoughts while drawing this one.

So that is what this one is about. A crooked crook. I hope you enjoy.

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