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Recently, when asked how I found God, I immediately responded by saying: “I didn’t, He found me”. I thought back on my earliest intimate encounters with the Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ, and God and realized that there was a pattern to all three instances. Each type of interaction also followed what  other people have said about the roles of each of the Godhead.

My First Introductions to each in the Godhead

knowing the godhead

My first intimate solitary introduction to the Holy Ghost happened in Kindergarten. A lost shoe, a quickly approaching bus, no one to assist me. I knelt in honest sincere prayer pleading for assistance. I opened my eyes, was prompted to put my hand down next to me and the lost shoe was found in an instant.

My first intimate solitary introduction to the Savior happened in High School. A lost best friend, an ever increasing pressure to do things, and be surrounded by things that were crushing my tender soul, no one to console or buoy me. I curled up in my bed in honest sincere prayer pleading for reprieve. With my eyes closed, I felt a real presence of our Savior hold me, giving me hope and strength.

My first intimate solitary introduction to God happened at a summer camp in High School. A lost girl, a sense of increasing undesirableness and feeling alone, no one to love me. I walked with a prayer in my heart, pleading for a way to tangibly feel that God loved me. Immediately I opened my eyes to the heavens and although it was a drought year and I was in the desert, rain from heaven poured upon me totally encompassing me with a tangible object from the heavens. Precipitation telling me that God is real and aware of me, and yes, will always love me.

The Pattern

Can you spot the pattern that I just recently became aware of? 1. A crises, a need, a desire. Sincere. All encompassing. Realizing that it cannot be met with earthly powers. 2. A sincere cry or plea for assistance, guidance, and love. Realizing that the strength of man is limited. Hoping that there is power beyond our own. Demonstrating faith that if we ask, we truly will receive. 3. A response from the Godhead. 4. Clarity, orientation, and peace.

Their Role

Elder Dallin H. Oaks gave a great talk where he outlined the Godhead and explained their roles. With this in mind, I realized how much it matched my own experience. The Holy Ghost guiding me, the Savior giving me hope and strength, and God the Father showing me an outpouring of love. In particular the following is an outline of what he detailed in the talk. Then, if you would like here is an activity and coloring sheet to go along with his talk.

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  1. Holy Ghost – the Witness or Testator/Witness – speaks advice, counsel, light, knowledge, testifies of truth.
    1. You can have the fellowship of the Holy Ghost
    2. He is an agent of personal revelation
    3. He testifies of the father and the son
    4. All in All, teaches us all things, bring all things to our remembrance, and guide us to all truth
  2. Jesus Christ – The Redeemer / The Mediator – heals my wounds, gives me strength to choose the right, helps me repent
    1. The merciful and saving mission of Jesus Christ is key
    2. The first born among all the sons of God in spirit, only begotten in the flesh
    3. Surely beloved of the father
    4. In addition, He speaks to the prophets
  3. God the Father – The Creator / The Chief or President – loves me, loves me, loves me. Wants me to be like him
    1. All-defining and motivating love of God the Father
    2. We are His Children: He loves us, He knows us, All that he does is for our eternal benefit
    3. Above all, it is by His power that His plan achieves its purpose for the ultimate glory of His children


Therefore, by knowing God it makes it easy to worship God:

“We know whom we worship and why we worship.”

By and large I feel like I take for granted how much God is active and present in my life. Surely by examining our lives more often and learning more about each of the Godhead we will be able to see more clearly their influence in our lives.



  1. You write so well. You paint pictures with words that make the subject clear. I saw you wilt but did not know what to do. I am so thankful you had a relationship with the Godhead to call on their help when I could not.

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