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Do you think it is too good to be true to have a free cell phone plan: texting and calling for free? When I was working I spent around $200 a month on a cell phone plan because I thought that I couldn’t live without it. Then, when I quit my job to be a full-time Home Economist, my cell phone bill was the first thing to be examined. I could go on my sister’s plan and pay $30 a month but I felt that I’d rather have that money for other things.

reduce your spending by almost 2000 a year

So I explored other possible options. I’ve been using my cellphone now for over a year and have no regrets. Read on to see how you too can have a free cell phone plan. If this isn’t an option check out these other ideas on how to save money. By having this free cell phone plan I save at the minimum of $360 a year. If you and your spouse did it you would save at the minimum of $720. That is almost one month’s mortgage payment for us.

Cell Phone to use with your free cell phone plan

I used my cell phone that I had left over from Verizon. I didn’t cage break it or do anything special to make it work for me for free. Some day I might have someone like my brother do that for me but other than a message that shows up on my phone and extra Verizon apps that I don’t need I can’t tell. Once my phone does bite the dust I’ll buy one without a network linked.

Google Voice

I heard about google voice numbers before and heard mix feelings about them. My husband uses a google voice like people just junk emails: to give out to people who are going to spam you. My sister used google voice for awhile but found that she couldn’t do group texts. The way I ended up setting it up I have had no problems with calling or texting in any way.

how to unchain yourself from all phone carriers

How to Do Get A Free Cell Phone Plan

Have a phone number you can use to get a google voice account:

The biggest catch that I wasn’t expecting was that I had to have a phone number in order to get a phone number. They will text/call this number to verify it is yours. This ended up not being that big of a deal but it did require me to ask my mother if I could use her number. It won’t affect her at all other than she won’t be able to get her own google voice number. It is unlikely that she would ever need or want this so I didn’t feel that bad. If you don’t have anyone to use then this will be a problem.

get rid of your cell phone carrier and all its limitations

I have google voice as my cell phone plan and my husband has a cellphone plan with his work. This works well for us as it gives us a little more flexibility when we are out and about together. If you wanted to do it that way, with only one spouse without a cell phone plan then you could easily use the spouse’s phone number.

Sign Up For Google Voice:

This is pretty simple and you even get to choose a number from a variety in your local area.

Download on your phone:

Google Voice. Hangouts Dialer. Google Hangouts.

Get it set up:

Instead of me writing it all again go here for the details of how to make calls and texts through google hangouts.


I think one of the things that really makes this work for me is that we have xfinity internet at home that allows us to connect to free wifi spots throughout the valley. This allows me to get texts while driving or on vacation or even at other people’s houses (when I don’t feel comfortable asking for their wifi password).

Conclusion and Feedback:

I don’t think I will ever go back to a regular carrier. Maybe if my life circumstances change, like we move to the country, I might. But as I currently am I have no need for it. I save in a year at the minimum $360 by doing this. I’m rarely inconvenienced by it and I actually feel that it is healthy to not be connected to the demands of others all the time. Obviously this wouldn’t work for everyone, here I discuss the pros and cons and for whom this probably wouldn’t work for and here I discuss how connected I am doing and going certain places.

Do you have questions for me or have your own experience with free cell phone plans? If so, please comment below.

no plan no problem



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