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This free download is a coloring page/activity page to go along with the talk by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf entitled “A Yearning For Home” given at the October 2017 LDS General Conference. (Download button at the end of the page). The imagery moved me deeply and I made this drawing in the hope that others would spend more time pondering on the concepts found in it.

In the beginning of his talk he talked about different animals including Bobbie the Wonder Dog who have an internal GPS system to guide them large distances back home. The concept that we also “migrate” back to our Father in Heaven is thought provoking. Then when I was asked to give a talk based off of these concepts, I appreciated it even more. Interestingly enough it spoke to me in exactly the way that I needed at the time. Although we all have a yearning for home, it is up to us whether we follow our instincts and make it home or block out that call.

teaching help for a yearning for home

A Yearning For Home Activity Sheet

This free download is for an activity sheet to guide you through the talk “A Yearning For Home”. Hopefully it will help us to think deeper about what he was saying and in applying it to life. If you would like to read my thoughts on our own journey home (or yearning for home) then you can read it here.

teaching help for President Utchdorf's talk a yearning for home


Church or Home Use

The free download would be great as a way to focus on the points of the talk and visualize the journey that we all make in life. Specifically, you could use it in Sunday School, Young Women or Young Men, or as a FHE (family devotional) lesson. I could see guys in Elder’s Quorum (men’s group) and Relief Society (women’s group) using it as well. In addition, it would probably also work great as a quiet Sunday activity for the entire family.

You can have class members or family members color and draw on this page as they listen to this talk as well as use it as a tool to promote ponderizing.

talk helps for a yearning for home


Ideas for Use

  • Ask who you are teaching to close their eyes and picture in their mind what you are reading. Read the first part of the talk where it talks about Bobbie The Wonder Dog and speaks of animals’ migrations. Ask them what they thought about. Did any of them think about the process of Bobbie getting home? The thirst, hunger, pain, the missteps, self-doubt, exhaustion? Talk about the sacrifices we will need to do in order to get back home. Then, underneath the feet of the dog or by the tears of the guy write or draw the things we might need to sacrifice to get back home.
  • President Utchdorf talked about how God knows us and calls to us. In the space between the guy’s hand and God’s hand write the things that you feel God has been particularly telling you lately. Discuss how at different times in our lives God focuses our attention to particular things that will help us return to him.
  • Seeing that as we follow God we are not shielded from adversary, in the clouds above the man write in things that we experience in our journey that might make us want to give up.
  • Have those in the class look for what the talk says are the fruits of the spirit: “love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, [and] faith. Then have them write these in the circle around the man. With this in mind, have the class discuss how what is written in the circle can help block what is written in the clouds. In particular, how it can help our path be clear to our Heavenly home.
  • In conclusion, it talks about how God can use us to help others along their path no matter our status. Below the fisherman boat in the bottom left hand corner have them write things that they consider to be weaknesses. Above the fisherman boat have them write their righteous desires. Have them discuss how despite of our weaknesses God can help us achieve our righteous desires.

teaching helps and free download for a yearning for home

Feedback Please!

Usually I am able to focus better and retain more of what I am listening to when I am using my motor skills at the same time. I made this in the hope that this will also assist others who are similar.

If you do use it, let me know how it goes. Any comments or suggestions? I’m always looking for way to improve. After filling out pages please tag me on social media so I can see them: On Instagram as @thatswhatshedidblog or on twitter as @jessnunya or Tumblr URL:

I hope you enjoy this free download!


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