As A New Mom | 20 Practical Gifts for New Moms (or any mom)

Let me just first say that I had no clue that the first year of my child’s life would be so harrowing…actually that word means acutely distressing….I need a word for horribly distressing. Now, looking back to my innocent swollen pre-birth self I wish I could tell her what she should request for her baby shower or for gifts. I really had no clue when people asked me what I wanted or when I was expected to make a registry. So if you are looking to build your own registry or are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one look no further. I’ve listed these 20 practical gifts for new moms (some of them any mom would appreciate).

need a good idea for the women who has it all and a new baby

Practical Gifts For New Moms

Most of the gifts I have listed here are amazing and have helped me through a really hard time. They are practical gifts for first time moms but they are also what I consider to be unconventional. Unconventional because I didn’t seem to see them anywhere as suggestions when I was building my own list.These focus on the mom not the baby. If the mom is better off, the baby will be better off too. Some of these things I wish I had before I gave birth and some were more helpful later on. I think that practical gifts for new moms are the best because they make life easier.


hands down best breastfeeding book for new moms

1. A Great Breastfeeding Book

When to get: Before Birth or Right After

Price Range: $

When I was single and far removed from child slinging I had many many friends comment on how “hard” breastfeeding was. I’d listen curiously as they described the emotional trauma they experienced as they felt like they were failures and gave up trying. No body went into detail about why it was hard and really didn’t go into details at all.

So when I experienced extreme difficulties breastfeeding I was taken back when the “experts” in the healthcare system were unable to aid me and actually made it worse. I took things into my own hands and checked out every book available on breastfeeding in my library. I read five cover to cover and when I read this one I knew I had found the holy grail. Several of my friends now have this book. Buy it for your friend too or wife or yourself or your mailman or for anyone you ever come into contact with!

Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding: From the Nation’s Leading Midwife

when your heart is full but so is your hands it is nice to have a charger you don't need two hands to use

2. Wireless Charger

When to get: Anytime (preferably before birth)

Price Range: $

Obviously this won’t work for everyone as some can’t charge wirelessly but seriously for me this gift was HEAVEN! On Amazon there was a question asked about what the purpose of the wireless charger was if you had to still plug in the charging pad. LET ME EDUCATE. The first several months, okay even now, I would often only have one hand and would not be able to easily pick up a charger cord and insert it in my phone. But yet, I would drain my battery as I would lay there with a sleeping baby. Hence a wireless charger. One hand, set down my phone and bam! Magic! It supplies it juice more effortlessly than I would for my child for months. Find out what phone they have and gift them with heaven.

I have a Samsung S7 and I got this one but it says that it works for several different types of phones. It works even through my otterbox which was a concern reading through the reviews.

Samsung Qi Certified Wireless Charging Pad with 2A Wall Charger- Supports wireless charging on Qi compatible smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X (US Version) – Black Sapphire

sometimes you need to get dinner on the stove but you also need to attend to something else. Preventing burnt dinner with cookers with timers


3. Cooking device that turns off with a timer

When to get: Anytime (preferably before baby starts eating solids)

Price Range: $$

Trying to finish cooking anything in the first couple of months was a gamble. I feel like half way through cooking I would have to go do something and then wouldn’t be able to get back to finish. Crockpots are cool but there’s one problem, you can burn it if you get sidetracked when you were supposed to be turning it off.

I loved this little steamer my husband got me. It made perfect rice, fish, steamed vegetables. And if I got taken away while it was steaming, no problem because it would just turn off. It helped me eat healthier and then helped me feed my baby fresh vegetables when he was at that stage.

Rosewill BPA-free, 9.5-Quart (9L), 3-Tier Stackable Baskets Electric Food Steamer with Timer, RHST-15001

Then my mom came with her instapot (pressure cooker) and that was great for more complex meals and to get food quickly for a hungry baby. It did rice in 10 minutes (but that was a tad under cooked) which is down from 20 normally. Believe me 10 minutes makes a big difference when trying to make good food for a screaming kid. I made this orange chicken (with substitutions) the other day at it was quick, delicious, and everyone liked it.

Instant Pot LUX60 V3 6 Qt 6-in-1 Muti-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Sauté, Steamer, and Warmer

let the food just come to her

4. Subscription or revolving order for food items

When to get: Anytime (most impactfull first three months)

Price Range: $$-$$$

There are three different ways you could go about doing this. You could just send them food periodically through Amazon, you could get subscribe to an order that would send them a food item periodically, or if you are lucky to live in an area that this applies you could do gift them an Amazon Fresh subscription.

Try AmazonFresh Free Trial

For the first couple months I basically survived off of these being delivered in bulk to my door.

Nature’s Bakery Stone Ground Whole Wheat Fig Bar-36, 2 OZ Twin Packs, variety pack

Likewise, you could probably do any other food service program such as blue apron or plated or something else like it. I don’t have any experience with these other options though.


regulating sleep, movement, and incoming texts and calls is managed by a simple watch

5. Fitbit Watch/Smart Watch

When to get: Anytime (best before birth)

Price Range: $$$

I’ve had fitbits for a long time. Probably since they were only just beginning. A couple months after I had my baby my husband gifted me with the blaze.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Black, Silver, Large

You might think that fitbits are more of a luxury item but they are very practical gifts for a new mom. As a new mom it was especially helpful in that it tracks sleep so I could track the sleep quality of my baby and myself (we co-sleep). Then it was awesome to get phone calls and texts on it. When I was putting the baby to sleep or nursing him to sleep it was convenient to just take a quick look. I just needed to twist my watch towards me instead of getting my phone out. Phones = ultimate desire to hold and watch “baby videos” for my minion.

Then as I was starting to get back into things it helped me see how active I was. If I was tired and then looked at my watch and I had a couple more thousand steps than usual I made myself rest so my body (and reserve of patience) could recover. Or on the flipside I made a goal of a certain amount of steps each day (progressively going up) so that my body could get strong again.

It doesn’t have to be a fitbit watch but I would recommend one that can receive texts and calls, can track sleep and steps, and has a platform to make goals.

I love my fitbit blaze however (comparison makes us all unhappy) my husband has a pebble and he can reply to texts through it. I love that. The new fitbits (versa and ionic) have the ability to quick reply with the phone, load music to the watch itself, and (a big thing for me) you can go swimming with them. Yay!

make your bathroom new mom friendly

6. Toilet Attachment

When to get: Best before birth

Price Range: $

We got one like this one. It was super easy to install and use. If I were to do this again and I had more time and resources I would get one that is heated. We originally got it for cloth diapers but it has been super nice for that time of the month and other things…that happen more than once a month…sometimes.

VAPSINT Bathroom Toilet Hand Held Stream Toilet Bidet Shattaf Sprayer, Brushed Nickel Fnished 49 Inch Hose with Mounting Clip Adapter

 streaming media audio books videos music

7. Subscription to audio books, music, or streaming video

When to get: Anytime (most impactfull first three months)

Price Range: $$-$$$

Being a new mom I spent a lot of time just chilling. Either laying with my baby unable to sleep, washing dishes, or working on things in silence. It was perfect time for listening to audio books. A big part of my struggle as a new mom was getting my mind back in working order. It was especially hard because for the most part I was home alone talking to no one. We have Peasant View (just what comes over the airwaves) so tv wasn’t that stimulating. I used OverDrive to listen to books and later checked out some audio books on cds (for the car) but it wasn’t that great. A subscription to kindle unlimited, netflix, or hulu would be awesome for a new mom.

And if you give them amazon prime membership they also get free shipping with their streaming media. So for the price of hulu or netflix you get so much more.


 why let your kid have all the fun. Match them in a comfy onesie

8. Mommy Onsie

When to get: Anytime (most impactfull first three months)

Price Range: $$

Okay Okay. Maybe my laziness and cold house are showing on this one but I loved this! Part of it was just because I matched my kid. lol. It was great though for breastfeeding, just unzip and zip. 🙂 It also was nice when I was working on things because if my clothes were dirty I could just change into this real quick to be soft and cuddly with my baby.

Alexander Del Rossa Womens Fleece Onesie, Hooded Footed Jumpsuit Pajamas, Medium Steel Grey (A0322STLMD)


when you spend all day in them it helps that they are worth not taking off

9. Comfy Pajamas

When to get: Anytime (most impactfull first three months)

Price Range: $-$$

So if a giant adult size onsie isn’t her thing how about just some super super comfy pajamas, because lets be honest, she’s most likely going to (at least want) be spending a lot of time in them.


help capture the moment of those first few precious weeks

10. Baby Photo Package

When to get: Anytime (most impactfull first three months)

Price Range: $$-$$$

I was so out of it when I first had my baby and one of the things I regret was not getting baby photos taken of my baby. I did some for myself when he was a little older but I regret not just having someone come in and do them when the baby was younger. Picking a photographer out can be hard if you don’t already have one in mind and a new mom already has a ton on her mind. So if she doesn’t already have one picked out buy her a baby photo package so she doesn’t have to think about it.


let her escape for a couple hours to rejuvenate

11. Spa Day Gift Certificate

When to get: Probably best after the first 3 months

Price Range: $$-$$$

My husband got me a groupon to a spa school for a back facial, manicure, pedicure, etc and it was heaven. It was the first time I was away from my baby for a good chunk of time but boy did it help my body feel a whole bunch better. It was amazing. The best part was the back facial….even if I did worry that I would soak the table with breast milk while they were doing it.


let her spend more time bonding with her baby not kitchen grime

12. Home Services

When to get: Anytime (probably light cleaning best in the first three months then deep cleaning after that)

Price Range: $$-$$$

From my readings and from my own experience a new mom’s time is best spent bonding with the baby and recovering. In the house things can pile up such as cleaning. It is recommended that family and friends come over to clean and cook for the new mom so that she can spend more time recovering and bonding. I think that at times it feels a little weird when friends come over to help with dishes and laundry. I mean that is the only time you are supposed to clean right, when you have company? 😀

But for real, give the gift of cleaning. Either through a local service or through Amazon Home Services. That way when the baby sleeps, mom feels like she can sleep too.


give the gift of well fitting clothes

13. Gift Card For Clothing

When to get: Anytime (most impactfull first three months)

Price Range: $$-$$$

I had to buy new clothes for when I was pregnant and then I dropped so much weight after pregnancy that I didn’t fit in the clothes I had before I was pregnant. Having to buy another set of clothes is horrible. A gift card for clothing means that she has to spend money on herself when if given the chance she would probably buy clothes for her adorable little minion. Even if she goes back to her same size as before it is nice to have things that are more conducive to breast feeding or pumping.

Also, more of a side note than anything, I used to think that mom jeans were called mom jeans because they thought that that was fashionable. Now I understand that mom jeans are called mom jeans because once you are a mom you need something to hold all that mush in.


give the gift of being listened to and having someone grant every wish

14. Alexa

When to get: Anytime

Price Range: $$-$$$

New mom’s are told what to do all day by their babies. It’s nice to tell someone else what to do and have it obey you. Introducing the child even mom has always wanted, Alexa.

But seriously. Anything that doesn’t require you to touch it is awesome when your hands are full and gicky most of the time. I like it to play music and to ask questions.



fun for the whole family

15. A membership to a city or county rec center

When to get: After the first three months (or when the mom feels comfortable going swimming with the baby)

Price Range: $$-$$$

This is great, especially if you do it for both mom and dad. The rec centers in our area have pools and the one closest to us has an indoor track. We just got a month or two membership for the winter months when we couldn’t go outside for a walk. I really think taking walks is really important for new moms to not only get their body back to normal but to give much needed good endorphins.

Babies can start swimming really young and it was great because the baby enjoyed it and even if dad couldn’t come it was still a nice activity to get back in shape without too much strain on my body.


don't let time slip by, document it super easily with chatbooks practical gifts for new moms

16. Chatbooks

When to get: Before Birth

Price Range: $

Okay, so I first found out about chatbooks through my brother who sent me an accurate and funny ad for them. I got the series and it is the best thing ever. I have an instagram account that is just for me to put pictures documenting our lives. It is so much easier than journaling and it includes awesome pictures. It automatically prints and ships them when you have enough pictures to fill a book. Seriously awesome and not that expensive.

If you use this link you get your first chatbook (for a series) for free! A perfect gift for a new mom and a new family.


let her get some piece of mind by having a place to put all the pieces

17. The Gift of Organization

When to get: Probably best around year one of baby’s life

Price Range: $$-$$$

With a new little person comes all the stuff for a little person. In particular, toys can pile up quickly. This blog post has a lot of cool ideas on how to store toys in ways that look cool too. Or you can get something like these options from amazon.

For this one it might be a good idea to give her a gift certificate to something like The Container Store or Ikea.


chart the stars the night your love was born

18. Under The Stars

When to get: Anytime

Price Range: $

This one, I will admit, isn’t so useful or practical. When I first saw this however, I died. I think a lot of people do. It is a chart of the stars above the time your baby was born. Pretty and cool.

Personalized Heart Map Wedding Gift | Night Sky Unframed Print | Custom Star Art | Star Map Poster | Night Sky Gift | Anniversary Gift | Star Map Art

the flip flop of winter

19. Hard Soled Slippers

When to get: Anytime

Price Range: $

This one my husband will probably roll his eyes at me but my brother in law got me these babies and I love them. They are like the cold weather equivalent of flip flops, or the flip flop of winter.

Why are they so awesome for a new mom? Because my shoes come off a lot. Either because my minion is trying to unlace my shoes (see next gift idea) or because I’m laying down or laying down breast feeding. Then I need to go outside all of a sudden. Either to take the trash out to the road or a poop bomb out to the trash, or some other reason. This makes it super easy to do that.

These ones are even down feather. Hmmm.


add a little velcro to your step so that you don't step and trip

20. Tennis Shoes with a Velcro Cover

When to get: Anytime

Price Range: $$-$$$

As mentioned above it seems as though little ones are absolutely obsessed with shoes and with untying my shoes. This makes it easy to keep them tied through out the day without having to tie double knots. I got these shoes and they are great at keeping my shoes tied throughout the day and I constantly get comments on them about how cool they are.


what to give a new mom that will make her life easier


These are my top 20 practical gifts for new moms but they also work for any mom or women really. They are awesome but in particular they help the new mom get back to a full life sooner.

Are you a mom reading this and have great practical gifts for new moms that aren’t on this list? Let me know and Comment below!

get her something that will make her life easier


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