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Okay, as you might have guessed, there is a national month and day for something all of the time and I’m a sucker for it. Like Inktober! The month of April is NaPoWriMo. I love poetry. Well, I feel like I should love poetry. I feel like in another life I would be sitting in the woods memorizing poetry and writing it daily. This is not that life. But I still have a fondness for it. I feel like it helps to express concepts in the most beautiful way.

As a new mother I have felt feelings so tender, so raw, and so new to me that I feel like poetry is the best way to capture that. As I work on the word challenges for this month I will try to share some here. Not because they are very good but because it is a challenge. This forces me to work hard enough on my expression that I’m not super embarrassed to have the world possibly look at it.

Today’s word was SUNRISE. So first I will share a poem I love (giving you an extra chance to stop reading before you get to my poem) and then I share my own poem.

Point of View
By: Carol Lynn Pearson

Sun and mountain meet.
“Look,” I say.

But I forget
That far away
An islander
Wipes morning
From his eyes
And watches
The same sun

What’s birth?
And death?
What’s near
Or far?

It all depends
On where you are.



Circling Sunrises
By: Me

The line is bending inward.
Giving a view of the end.
Pulling in with a thin cord.
A new dawning for my friend.

The warmth of my own sunrise.
In him is renewed again.
Perfection found in dew eyes.
Love pushing out all profane.

Inked eyes gaze into emeralds.
Absorbed, the pooling ink halts.
This peace, this oneness; heralds
A world more pure than my faults.

Please hold tight to the scent of heaven’s tree.
For through you little one: Go, behold He.


circling sunrises

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