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poem using fib verse about the heart

For National Poetry Month I got the writing prompt entitled “5 Tips For A Healthy Heart”. I started writing this on the day it was put up but of course didn’t get to posting it until now. This is my second poem this month (see here for my first) and I definitely feel myself clearing out the cobwebs. I liked the prompt a lot and I’ll talk about that in just a little bit. For this month, I’m also dusting off my literary skills and refreshing my memory regarding poems and their structures. I came across the Fib form. So this is my poem combining the two. Feedback harsh or constructive criticism always welcome, really any feedback is nice. Sometimes it is nice to know that someone thinks something (bad or good) about what you do.

Fib Poem Verse Form

The Fib verse form is relatively new. Gregory K. Pincus developed it in 2006 using a mathematical concept. You take a number and add it to what came before. 1 +0 = 1. Then repeat and repeat. 1 + 1 = 2. Then 2+1 = 3. And so on. So the pattern is etc. It is called a Fibonacci sequence in mathematical terms. This same pattern is found in other things in nature, like the fruitlets of a pineapple. I think that this is super cool.

When I first read about it on a website they said that the Fibonacci sequence is to be followed with words in the line but then after additional reading about it I found it is supposed to be the syllables in a line. I guess it could be whatever you want. But I wrote the poem before finding out about the syllables. I guess that art is what you make it so I’m not changing it.

Fib Poem that I like

By Paul Geiger

Yours, Mine
Need entwine
Dissolve and resolve
To become mutually so fine

I like it because even though it is a very simple poem, right now in my life I feel like I can say so much about it. Or talk about it for awhile. Mine is not so interesting but I like it too.

5 Tips For A Healthy Heart

Guard them.
Actually, better yet.
Best to not have one.
If you hear a beat hide it deep.
When it bursts to the surface despite all that you do, know this.
Bruised, broken, bled, torn to shreds it will most likely be but this is to be expected and desired, you see.
Share it with another for tending, they will drop it by the way and like a seed planted it will grow back up to the one who created it making it last for eternity.

My thought on protecting the heart

When I was a young single adult I held my heart very close to my chest. I really poured cement over it and tossed it in the Hudson. It was safer that way. I hated getting my heart hurt so I avoided it at all costs. I seriously thought that I could be a good person and keep everyone just far enough away that I wouldn’t have any serious pains of the heart.

Through a series of different events and with the help of rugby (yes, I wrote that right) I came to see things differently. Through playing rugby and my love of it I came to see love and relationships in a different way. If you would like to read about it, you will have to just wait. Wait! Okay, I’m writing it now and then you can read it. If you want.


Let me know what you think! Share your own Fib poem in the comments!


Like always, thanks for reading.


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