I used to be going full time non-stop: school, work, sports, volunteering. And then it happened. I had a baby and I feel like my life has been turned completely upside down. I stopped working full time, my body feels so beat up that I hardly want to do anything other than sleep and I’m so sleep deprived that I feel like my brain is shot.


So this is my attempt to get back on the rhythm of life…of my new life. My depending on my husband for money life, my almost-vegan forced breastfeeding life, my only have an hour while he naps life, my I can’t leave the baby without feeling guilt life, my I wanted to use cloth diapers but my baby hates them life.

I thought that perhaps there were other moms like me out there. Trying to adjust to this new life and not give up completely with a fuzzy face and a blankless mind….see what I just did there? Blankless…who am I? A brain dead mom, that’s who. Okay, so join me if you too feel like you are starting to learn to live all over again.