Free Download | Inktober challenge “Shy”

Free Download | Inktober challenge “Shy”

I stumbled across the awesome concept of Inktober on instagram and I wanted to take part. You draw 31 drawings in October, one for each day with an official list of prompts to draw. I currently am in the process of remodeling my kitchen, working on the fourth draft of my PhD dissertation proposal, and trying to entertain and keep alive a very rowdy almost-one-year-old so finding the time to draw each day is a little hard…not to mention drawing one drawing each day. But I liked the prompts and immediately pictures came to my mind as I saw each word so I decided to turn it into a free adult coloring page. Yay for you!

I started on the 7th of October. The 2017 Inktober prompt being “shy”. As you can see, I’ve posted this on the 27th. I finished it a few days ago though (somewhat to my credit) but am only now digitizing it and uploading it.

To me this is what my shy looks like. It isn’t that I haven’t got anything going on in my brain but the opposite, I have quite a lot in my brain and I’m quite busy having multiple scenarios play out with debates and active “conversation” while on the outside I might appear to be meek or shy or a blank slate.